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* ST acceptances into the city to clean up the system or re-exposure techniques funding black hole
Jiao Yang
Shiba under the control of a technical department and Shenzhen, a city funds * ST (600247.SH) out of the large number of commercial acceptance bills formed maneuvers illegal channels,longchamps prix, be launched with the clean-up operations will ultimately be exposed to sunlight.
* ST into the city recently announced that will be January 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 out of commercial acceptance bills conduct a comprehensive inventory. During the period, the company opened a total of 710 million yuan of commercial acceptance bills, but not the financial procedures. Previously, * ST Jilin Securities Regulatory Bureau has asked the city to conduct an inventory and rectification.
Such a huge billing amount, far beyond * ST into the city daily operational needs, which in 2013 invoiced 408 million yuan, it has been as high as five times its revenue over the same period. The number of market participants on the "First Financial Daily" said that this may be a means to Shiba and the technical department obtain funds,louboutin pigalle prix boutique, and the other listed companies in technology-based control * ST Mak (000594.SZ) , part of the debt has been disclosed in a similar situation exists.
Billing revenues amounted to 5 times
* ST Seijo announcement shows off the inventory of commercial acceptance, for not fulfilling the corresponding trade contracts, or unable to complete the related trade in the company held by the company's commercial ticket be recovered. If holders of the company between June 2014 30, January 1,scarpe hogan, 2013 - out of commercial acceptance bills, shall be August 1st contact them,oakley prezzi, otherwise it will report the loss payment processing.
* ST into the city to clean up commercial acceptance bills, does not seem voluntary. Jilin Securities Regulatory Bureau in administrative supervision June 18 issued a decision in the book said that since 2011, * ST into the city to issue a large number of foreign commercial acceptance bills, some of which have been in the past due status, but the company failed to financial accounting, also No disclosure of relevant information.
After receipt of such regulatory requirements, * ST ensuing inventory into the city, and acknowledged that the matter in July 16. It said in a statement, it has confirmed that 2013 full-year total of unlisted commercial acceptance bills out 408 million yuan, the first half of this year out of 310 million yuan, 710 million yuan Taken together. Involving peace, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Ping An Bank where there are 100 million. Due to inability to obtain real and effective data, in 2013 out of the portion not yet accounted for.
Shenzhen Technology a former employee told the "First Financial Daily", commercial acceptance bills can be used in the bank after the purchase, but belong to the daily business activities of enterprises, according to the financial and internal control procedures, through the cashier,moncler italia, finance manager, finance director, legal representative after the approval of people step by step,abercrombie e fitch, in order to open the outside, but without going through the board of directors,golden goose deluxe brand, the shareholders' meeting and other decision-making procedures. The so-called off-balance sheet commercial acceptance is without financial internal control procedures out.
This goes for the * ST into the city a lot out of the commercial acceptance bill provides space, and similar situations in the name of technology-based listed companies have been common. Last year I was in another listed company in the technology department to come across such a thing, when they asked financial officers,longchamps soldes, know that out of the bill is how it is,dsquared t shirt, but a lot of them are unclear. Market participants a quite familiar with the technical department of the "First Financial Daily" said.
And * ST Seijo said commercial acceptance uses are quite suspicious. Publicly available data show that 2013 full-year operating income * ST into the city was only 84.33 million yuan and net assets of only 382 million yuan, while the first quarter of this year, its revenue is only 4.9 million yuan. On this basis, the 2013 year of the opening of commercial acceptance bills amounting to five times the revenue of the same period, and more than the net assets.
Or re-exposure funding black hole
Press * ST into the city to say, in violation opened unlisted commercial acceptance bills in the process, the company itself seems quite innocent. Said in its announcement, since the conventional internal imperfections, but also in the current board of directors, general management, has brought some difficulties for the inventory work,hogan prezzi, but through the comprehensive inventory,chaussures louboutin, bill to strengthen the company's business management, improve the internal control structure.
The actual situation is that the case,hogan italia?
"First Financial Daily" Earlier investigation found that since 2002, if not considerations of double-counting, as the technology department and Shiba years has accumulated debts of nearly 12 billion yuan is huge, and it is a clear commercial acceptance bills one wave misappropriating means.
This can be proved in the * ST Mak body. Public information,giuseppe zanotti bottes, since April 14, 2012, * ST Kwok-hang over 30 have disclosed the debt dispute, only the principal will be close to 1.8 billion, while the debt disputes, a considerable part of the country * ST Heng for the child the company's endorsement of commercial bills generated.
According to Mak * ST Disclosure July 1, June 2011 Zhejiang Hangzhou Gan Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gan Zhejiang Industry) signed an agreement with a bank, in order to provide security for the country * ST Heng payer commercial acceptance,hogan sito ufficiale, the bank issued 30 million yuan in domestic credit, and pay the bank to pay 30 million yuan through generations. December 23, 2011, January 4, 2012, said commercial acceptances, letters of credit are due,louboutin pas cher, but * ST Mak, Gan Zhejiang Industrial declined payment.
However,longchamps sac, * ST Kwok-hang Zhejiang Industrial and Gan through together, to secure funds from the bank 30 million yuan.
The list goes on. Statistics found that since similar cases since April 2012, * ST Kwok-hang involved has at least seven cases involving a total amount of 241 million yuan. But at the beginning overdue,christian louboutin paris, * ST Kwok-hang not disclosed until several years later before being exposed.
The reason for this approach, because of debt, from 2011 years ago, the technology to Shiba and control system has been difficult to obtain loans from banks. Multiple sources had told the "First Financial Daily" said, probably in 2012, the bank has taken measures to limit loan Shiba and the technology-based, informal financing channels have been blocked almost.
A market on the "First Financial Daily" analysis,louboutin homme, commercial acceptance of credit itself is relatively low, often in the case of debt default, banks are still willing Payment * ST Mak The bill itself may be a problem.
And that's not the most serious problem. * Before ST Kwok-hang at the inventory found, including part of the debt, including commercial acceptance bills, the corresponding service does not exist, in other words, but these notes are a means of taking money. Said market sources said.
* ST into the city in the body, there are also similar situations. Prior to this,sac de voyage longchamp, the size of close to 10 billion external guarantees, loans,boutique longchamp paris, nor disclosure was finally disclosed in regulatory repeated requests. As at present, * ST into the city has not yet disclosed the specific situation has confirmed that the unlisted commercial acceptance bill payee, bank guarantee and pay the business content. But with the gradual deepening of the inventory, which is not known to outsiders significant financial black hole may also be gradually exposed.
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